Ivan Malone - CEO of Wsad.io Technologies Inc

Entrepreneur, Innovator & Technology Investor

focused on Decentralized Infrastructure, Gaming, AR/VR & IoT technologies.

Wsad.io Technologies Inc provides Infrastructure, IoT, Telecommunications, Network, Cloud & related services in & around the IoT & Gaming industries.

If you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Ivan Malone - as a Developer

Gaming, IoT, AR, VR, Cloud Developer

My personal focus right now is on the IoT, Gaming, AR/VR & unlocking new value in those industries. When not directly running my company, I typically choose to work on interesting projects that let me unlock my creativity and passion for bleeding-edge technologies, worthwhile causes or just for fun or to exercise other skills or interests.

What others see as broad range of interests I often see as the same thing, the relationship between us, technology and the world around us. 

Ivan Malone - Teaching @ CICCC

Teaching, Mentoring, Participating

I teach at CICCC Vancouver & love to pass on knowledge & learn new skills, take part in game jams, hackathons, & challenges, and have been lucky to have met some amazing people; both seasoned professionals & new students alike. By encouraging my students to learn-by-doing we teach them the skills they need to succeed in today’s modern world – but they teach me too; to not feel so old and they keep me on my feet and remind me just how real it is in the trenches! – I was at one time, where they are – and hopefully, someday they will surpass anything I even dreamed to achieve.

I believe our reach should always exceed our grasp and when you catch hold of that dream you have a social responsibility to give back and do good, to consider the whole of life, the universe, and everything in it.

I believe that we have a responsibility to pass on knowledge to the new generation & help those that need our help, to get where they need to be. In turn, we also learn so much from the process ourselves & get so much more out of life – but to help others we first have to know how to help ourselves. My methods of teaching are a little unorthodox and focus on unlocking the student’s natural built-in ability to help themselves. 

Everything really is better when we work together.

Are you a Recruiter?

Hiring in an area of interest to me?

Feel free to get in touch, drop me a message or find me on LinkedIn.
(just try not to spam me with secret offers of amazing companies)

A Great man once said to me
“you’re the average of the five people you surround yourself the most”

I wish to work with those that want to change the world for the better, who are passionate about what they do but are grounded in reality and not lost in fantasy, I prefer to work with companies that give back, that treat their employee’s with respect, who have not forgotten where they came from.

For most people, nothing is handed to us in life and we have a responsibility to not just create great products, services and achieve ‘work life balance’ but to help those around us, those we left behind to get to where we are now and those that will come after us.

if the company you are hiring for doesn’t see things that way, I’ve no interest – but if they do! – please do get in touch!


Blizzard Entertainment

I started my game career with Blizzard Entertainment working as a Game Master & Product Specialist on the support team for World of Warcraft.

While working on World of Warcraft, I was responsible for a team of support agents, handling calls within the WoW Client.

Responsible for implementing tracking, macro-systems using Lua & the Game Master Support Tools.

This experience helped me to get a taste for games at scale. World of Warcraft is still the benchmark for MMORPG’s today.

IGG Canada

I was Head of Tech at IGG Vancouver, building out the Canadian branch of the studio. Later on I helped to create the hugely successful IGG VFX Studio.

While working as a Senior Developer, I was also managing Support & DevOps operations. While creating tooling for the gaming & VFX teams. I got to work on games like Lords Mobile, Kingdoms Mobile, & Madlands Mobile.

IGG China & Subsidiaries

At IGG China, I played a Support & Developer role. Helping to implement Cloud, BigData & Analytics systems. Also helping to move their legacy stacks to Kubernetes & into the cloud.

In addition, I helped to coordinate & manage the IT for their other Canadian companies – TapCash & PocketSocial (streamcraft)

Shoal Media

At Shoal Media, I was interested in children’s games & a more independent style of publishing.

As a Senior Developer I worked on porting their Android version of Rooplay to iOS. Touching on various other games & scripts in the DevOps pipeline.


Under contract – I worked on the VFX pipeline, videos & advertisements for Dungeon Hero Champions.

During this time, I helped to refine some tooling, methods, & pipelines to aid in fast video production. These took the game assets, gameplay & churned out simpler versions, meant to help drive users online to the game.

Other Studios

I have had the pleasure in working with big names, such as: Blizzard, IGG, Gameloft, EA, Ubisoft, & many others. I also have the experience of working with many independent studios & publishers, in VFX, Game Development, Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure.

I brought my legacy knowledge from outside of the game industry to all these roles. My experience running companies, thinking on my feet – my ability to have a wide view of the landscape. All while, retaining the will to deep dive, work alone or in tandem with existing teams.

CICCC Vancouver

I take some time to teach at CICCC Vancouver. It helps me to keep my skills honed, while passing on skills to a new generation. I also have the opportunity, to help others get into their chosen tech industry.

My students & I partake in various Game Jams, Hackathons & other interesting events.


Can I help you with something?

Entrepreneur, Innovator & Technology Investor

Similar to how travelling broadens your horizons, by giving you a larger world view – being involved in many industries helps me to keep on-the-edge of the latest innovates in tech.

It allows me to have a wide view of the landscape & the ability to deep dive where necessary. This scares most people through, who are used to dedicating to one thing for long periods of time. Especially companies who want to label you as one thing or another. People will try and put you in a box and define you and give you a specific role that doesn’t allow for you to bring your true value, your uniqueness and experience to the situation – don’t let them.

Be agile, be different – bring your own kind of special – even if it’s a kind of crazy. 

I start businesses, I’m on the board of directors of companies, I create game, I play the stocks, I’m involved in Crypto, decentralization, telecommunications and alot more – but I also love to code, I’m a developer at heart – it was and continues to be the thing that brings me to many of the industries I’m involved in – because it is often in that capacity that I can bring value. I’m an old school hacker and in the capacity of having a broader view can see the landscape better than most – I like to help direct, lead and create strategies for the future – take on tuff challenges, it simply makes us better people and broadens our experience. 

Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by my failures. I believe that failing is important to learning and success without it is not earned, it is opportunistic, luck. Luck is just probability – and in order to find opportunity you just need to be in the right place at the right time, to do that, you have a higher statistical chance if you put yourself out there and learn from your mistakes. Build better relationships, build better things, build better services, do things today better than you did yesterday, iterate, improve and move on. 

Fail fast, recover quickly and be ready to die on your sword. 

Game Developer

My first entry into game development started years ago when I took a job supporting Blizzards supporting World of Warcraft. I was one of the mythical Game Masters (or GMs) that would assist players on their journeys.

From there I didn’t immediately continue my career in Game Development but continued in Hardware, Infrastructure, Networking – I.T. Admin, Retail services, building servers, and so forth. I was drawn to the next thing and was always driven to combine them with existing things, improving them and finding new ways of doing things.

I built some successful businesses and some failed ones and by the time I had moved on the only place left to go was the Game Industry which – for me – represented the culmination of everything. I didn’t see the game’s as games but as crude mirrors of this world or versions of it – but the distance between these virtual worlds and our real worlds was beginning to tighten as integrations begin to appear in our everyday world.

I got my first real start in game development when I joined IGG Canada, though I’d moonlit with various indies over a number of years it was with IGG that I finally got the chance to breathe, step out of my box, and combine everything I knew to make something unique. With IGG I was lucky, I was given almost free reign of a new studio with little direction and a load of developers, artists staff, and subsidiary companies all with problems to solve and no oversight. I helped to grow that studio in terms of IT, Infrastructure, and Cloud over the following months and years and quickly went from IT Admin of a local studio to coordinating and integrating my changes into the Global China Based Beast which again, only served to broaden my horizons and thought me so much about the culture, people, different points of view and ways of doing things.

From there I moved on to various other companies, contracting and seeking more experience and looking for different niches, finding the most interesting things being done by the underdogs while the corporations and larger companies just seek to monetize and control, often feared and were resistant to change – though, I could see why. Through no fault of their talented game teams – it is just what sells vs what really innovates. It was a different model.

Today, I am working on various innovative technologies that will bridge the gap between my old world and my new world and I hope will be both fun to play with, fun to interact with, educational and useful. I continue to seek work with various small and large companies with varying levels of success but I don’t keep all my eggs in one basket and I don’t let any rejections prevent me from continuing my own journey.

I am a problem solver and I love to solve problems and right now the bridge between the Gaming Worlds, constructed universes, IoT, Cloud, and so forth is all overlapping to a huge degree – it will change the face of the world as we know it for the future generations, I’d like to have some impact in this world too – while keeping myself and those generations also grounded in the real world too.

If you are a game company, indie studio or lone developer, artist or designer – don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have an interesting project you want to discuss. 


Infrastructure, IoT, aR/VR

Infrastructure is many things to many people. From roads & transport networks to government, education & politics. Also, energy, agriculture, telecommunications, & networks.

IoT & AR/VR will extend upon our real infrastructure – People. I believe that gaming is an extension of life & unlocks vast opportunities but we can’t forget about this world – and telecommunications, networks and hardware and cloud is how it all gets done and integrated. IoT will feed Big Data, AI and Analytics will help process and make sense of it – it must be decentralized, private, secure and well integrated and adopted. 

As the bridge between the real and the constructed worlds merge I’d like to be at the heart of the layers that are providing that bridge.  

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, I also work with individuals. Those who need to solve problems, that help themselves or help their communities.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Sometimes. It depends on what you need, I have got to believe in you & your project. What value does your proposal bring? Are you hungry enough to succeed?

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